Argumentative essay

There are many questions that students ask themselves when they are given an argumentative essay assignment to write. Depending on how they answer these questions, they will either be able to write the essay well or not write it well. When the experts here are also given your argumentative topics to compose essays, they also ask themselves several questions the answers to which guide them into writing your essay as good as they should be. All these questions are aimed at finding out or establishing if the selected topics are arguable and, indeed, if strong points can be developed in support of both perspectives of the argument. One such question is if many people would be or are in support of the perspective supported by the main argument of the paper and if many people support that argument, the things that they are likely to say in support of the argument and vice versa. Another question is if the issue that is being addressed or argued can be addressed with a no or yes answer.

Such issues should be avoided because they do not make good issues for argumentative papers. Argumentative paper requires issues that give more than just a yes or no answer. They require topics or issues that require additional information before one can agree or disagree with them. Given that most of the papers written here are academic in nature, it is important that the supporting data be made up of scholarly issues. The experts therefore usually ask themselves if there are any scholarly evidence in support of the said issues and if there are none, and then they will avoid them

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