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The range of papers that we write comprises essays, research papers, book and film reviews, term papers, thesis statements, dissertations, cover letters, resumes and a lot of other types. Order any paper you need at OrderCustomPaper.

Reliability of Dr. Sheppard as a Narrator

The book, ‘The murder of Roger Ackroyd’ by Agatha Christie is narrated by Dr. James Sheppard, a town doctor and a close acquaintance of Mr. Ackroyd. The setting is in the Kings Abott. It all begins with the murder of a wealthy man Roger Ackroyd murdered few days after a widow whom he was preparing to marry had committed suicide. The widow, Mrs. Ferrar had recently lost her husband. The death of her husband had initially been believed to be accidental. However, Mr. Acroyd revealed that the widow had confessed to him as having killed her husband through a letter. The murder of Ackroyd was a mystery to the local police. Fortunately a recently retired detective Hercule Poirot agreed to take up the case, little did he know that the case was not as simple as he had expected. However, he is sure of one thing and that is Mr. Ackroyd and Mrs. Ferrar knew too well of the murderer. The detective was to be assisted by Dr. James Sheppard who is a local doctor. .
Mr. Ackroyd’s household members are Poirot’s prime suspects primarily because they stood to gain from his money. As the investigations continue, Poirot unravels secrets revolving around love and money involving the household members. The evidence looks more damning for one Ralph Paton who is Mr. Ackroyd’s stepson. Other main suspects are Mrs. Cecil Ackroyd who had huge personal debts owing to Mr. Ackroyd, Ursula Bourne who resigned her post as a parlor maid on the afternoon Mr. Ackroyd was murdered.
There is critical evidence pointing at Ralph who at the time is engaged to Flora, Mr. Ackroyd’s daughter. Ralph stood to gain from Mr. Ackroyd’s will hence he was the prime suspect. Poirot begins investigations to establish Ralph’s culpability. This he does at the request of Flora. Ralph is rarely mentioned in the book, thus from a literal view, he cannot be easily convicted as the murderer since his participation is negligible. However Poirot did strongly believe that he was the most culpable suspect on circumstantial evidence. After all he was a beneficiary of a big chunk of the estate, there was also the fear that once Ackroyd got to know of the fact that Ralph had been married secretly to someone else, he was likely to alter his will and thus disinherit Ralph. Further, he was spotted on the precincts of Mr. Ackroyd that night.
In the course of his investigations Poirot establishes that there had been a conspiracy to silence Mr. Ackroyd from speaking the truth. This he established through the letter Mrs. Ferrars had written to Mr. Ackroyd showing that someone had been trying to blackmail her.
At the end of the investigation, Poirot returns a surprise verdict; he clears the original suspects of any wrong doing. His verdict is that Dr. Sheppard is in fact the murderer. This comes as a shock since Dr. Sheppard had been Poirot’s assistant in the investigation. Poirot established that it was Dr. Sheppard who had blackmailed Mrs. Ferrars and had proceeded to murder Mr. Ackroyd so as to prevent him from establishing the truth from Mrs. Ferrars. Upon this finding, Poirot asked Dr. Sheppard to either surrender to the authorities to safeguard his reputation or on the alternative commit suicide.
On several occasions, Dr. Sheppard portrayed himself as a clear suspect. For instance his detailed explanation of the letter to the police was unnecessary. If indeed Sheppard was culpable of the crime, the chain of events and the time it took to prepare could not have been sufficient to commit the crime within a day owing to the elaborate nature in which it was carried out. Acts such as inventing a timer used in a Dictaphone ,visiting boars and even performing his professional medical duties within a very short time appears impossible. Further the fact that he wrote up to seven chapters in a singular night appears to be impossible to apprehend.

His purported invention of a Dictaphone in a very short time is simply too good to be true.
Poirot thought that the five minutes which Dr. Sheppard could not account for were so crucial to his case, however he seemed to assume that all watches kept the same time, thus if Sheppard was smart, all he needed to do was to lie .
Toward the end, detective Poirot stated that the only way Ralph Paton could be spared of the hook was for the real murderer to confess. At the same time he warned Sheppard that if he failed to confess then he would hand him over to the police. This implies that he was not in a position to prove Sheppard’s culpability.
Dr. Sheppard’s unreliability thus manifest itself in the narration in the following ways; if in any way he innocent, his confession would at the end be treated as a lie, he had definitely lied concerning the phone call, if indeed a Dictaphone existed, then he interfered with the evidence, by hiding Ralph Paton, he hid the truth, if found guilty then his averment that he did not notice the dagger ,also if found guilty, his assertion that his purpose of visiting the Three Boars was merely to inform Paton of Ackrody,s death would thus be a lie. Some of Sheppard’s lies are apparent on the book especially about the phone call. He may be forgiven for using Paton to shield himself, but the phone call clearly indicts him
When finally the answer to the question as to who killed Roger Ackroyd is revealed, it is astonishing to the reader. All along the preceding chapters, the reader is left guessing as to who among the close to ten suspects was responsible. Every suspect appeared to have a hidden secret which if unveiled break the deadlock of the real murderer. In the end, the least of the suspects Dr. Sheppard the narrator is found responsible, this brings an epic finale to a truly fascinating and intriguing tale. However, it may be naïve not to suspect a narrator merely because ordinarily a narrator is rarely the criminal.

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Argumentative essay

There are many questions that students ask themselves when they are given an argumentative essay assignment to write. Depending on how they answer these questions, they will either be able to write the essay well or not write it well. When the experts here are also given your argumentative topics to compose essays, they also ask themselves several questions the answers to which guide them into writing your essay as good as they should be. All these questions are aimed at finding out or establishing if the selected topics are arguable and, indeed, if strong points can be developed in support of both perspectives of the argument. One such question is if many people would be or are in support of the perspective supported by the main argument of the paper and if many people support that argument, the things that they are likely to say in support of the argument and vice versa. Another question is if the issue that is being addressed or argued can be addressed with a no or yes answer.

Such issues should be avoided because they do not make good issues for argumentative papers. Argumentative paper requires issues that give more than just a yes or no answer. They require topics or issues that require additional information before one can agree or disagree with them. Given that most of the papers written here are academic in nature, it is important that the supporting data be made up of scholarly issues. The experts therefore usually ask themselves if there are any scholarly evidence in support of the said issues and if there are none, and then they will avoid them

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Georges Méliès

Georges Méliès made over 520 films where subversion of boundaries in his work became bolder. He emerged as a remarkable poet regarding his pieces of work. One of the pieces, which support this view, is the film, barbe-bleue. He makes efforts in bridge reality and drama, interconnects life and death, and distinguishes between freedom and confinement in most of the characters featuring in his work. He uses his artistic skills in unraveling the inner life of humans through a theoretical social world that he creates in most of his films. This paves way for clear vision, among other effects on the viewer.
His motif and theme of work forms a platform for criticism through his bibliography. He features in most of his films as showman, Satan or mad scientist in some pieces; exhibits a displacement of autobiography in the cinema. What boldness this is the self portrait which contradicts Melie’s family line of business of show making that he aught to have followed. In the prior stages of his career in film making, he took part in improving film machinery owing to his education. He later helped in crafting complex stages in film making (Elizabeth76). He later went to London to improve his English where he opened a branch.
Georges Méliè’s film work and business
While in London, he spent most of his time at magic performance centers. This formed the basis of the comic and dramatic sketches exhibited in his later work where magic features. He later used his shares of the family business to purchase the Robert-Houdini Theater where he carried most of his training in film art. Remarkable integration of the skills learned at the theater took center stage in the work that proceeded. The grammar of ‘effects’ came as one of the unique features developed and embraced in the subsequent film productions. Most criticism has pointed out that the complexities in the processes he involved in his work as non cinematic, theoretical implications.
Other films in the United States got pirated as Méliès films became famous as a result of success. This lead to the need for compliance with copyright and the use of two cameras; where one of the films was meant for the American markets. His film work took a diverse nature where he produced a variety of genre including special films, crime melodramas among others. The prestige level of his work may receive support from the fact that cameras were never allowed in Westminster abbey, but the king’s illness was captured in a film long before the ceremony.
This production s became less viable in the mid 1990’s where other companies dominated the field of production. His method included controlling every aspect of his productions which had an effect of slow turnover. Later, there came a change in logistics that required rental of the films rather than complete sales. Méliès could never comply with the new change that saw other companies shoot ton higher levels. In the United States, his brother who had a branch, recorded loses. This lead to the signing of an agreement with Pathe as most of his productions were edited and abandoned. He quit film making then following year. He entertained troupes during warm and became highly indebted prompting him to take part in some odd jobs.
In his time, Georges work exhibited tricks, as well as deception as well as the effects of magic which had thematic significance. He comes out to have engaged with the central form of his environment through diverse ways which included the development of technology. He created an imagery of collective unconsciousness by making spectacle events including the Paris exhibition. Most of the themes are identifiable regardless of transformation into different things. He features as the master of ceremony in most of his films including the man with the rubber head, Le Cake-walk infernal and The Mysterious Retort. He used state-of-the-art objects to carry out his productions. Most of the films he made forces the characters to give a reflection of his own character which comes as a playful event but traumatic as seen in the film, long distance wireless photography. He directs the film with artistic skills, which brings it out successfully.
There is a familiar conception of gender in his work. Other emerging factors include class and body that links to antiauthoritarianism expressed in most of Melie’s work. Then attitude takes part in most of his pieces where he performed caricatures on his cousin’s journal titled la-griffe. This ridiculed the demagogues of the time including a general who became a popular hero and threatened to stage a coup d’état following a defeat in the war with Prussia. The attitude reflects in other series of films produced by Georges (Lanzoni 32). In one of the pieces, a scandal of a wrongly imprisoned Jewish for treason split France ideologically over decades and later banned for inciting the public.

Also in the film voyage dons la Lune, gives a reflection of Europeans exploring a piece of land termed empty.
Manifestation in current films
The magic possessed by gorges lost little of its abilities in film making following the first exposure in films by Georges. The humor, innovativeness and visual power created by the producer still feature in current films. These factors have fueled the studies on early cinema where evaluation of film practice may be made in noting evolution as well as constant factors. Theoretical positions may be developed through the post modernism with reference to the past aspects of cinematic work. Film studies attempts to keep the early cinematic techniques fresh through thriving in novelty and revisionism. Modern art is an archival restoration of past skills through advancement and adoption of new technologies. This may be accompanied by commentaries in fine-tuning the end product.
Several chapters of the old materials have been reintroduced in the current day films through shifting the images through the chapters and introduction of new events makes the film attractive. Narration practice also takes the old forms in enhancing film works. Some of the scripts originally done by Melie take defense in arguing about persistence in attraction of film work in the contemporary video clips. A wider social as well as cinematic formation defines the basis of formal properties of film making. Most authors make a reflection of Melie’s work rather than forming new scripts with new techniques. Among the films that exhibit this influence includes, J Verne’s “From the Earth to the Moon,” Which invokes science fictions with a blend of a fantastic plot and mixed modes.
In a nutshell, film industrial circulation forms a ground for a recollection of Georges work. His unique effects of magic ensure compliance through generations of filmas. His scales in film making had an exclusive parameter at the point of his career. The intended market for his film primarily comprised of the United States. French films had a market reception in the US at the time. As such, the properties of his films became prominent, but failed as a result of copying by other film makers who became more competent than Méliès. His original skills of encompassing magic into films stood out as a property inherited over successive generations of film making. He appeared ton be more of a theatre art performer than a film maker, which owed to his failure in the business.

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Argumentative essay against abortion

An argumentative essay against abortion may seem like one of those essays that are very easy to argue and write about but this is only the case until one reads the arguments that support abortion. In order to have a good essay on the aforementioned topic, one need experts who know just the right words to use to argue this essay while diminishing the strength of the opposing strong views. In order to effectively write arguments of the group that opuses the views taken by the writer, the writers usually try and put themselves in the shoes of the opposing side because it by doing so that they can get a deeper understanding of why the opposing people argue so. After understanding the opposing view, they can work towards watering down the opposing views so as to make the views that they are supporting appears stronger and more legitimate. How do the experts do this?

The experts begin by jotting down a couple of good reasons that state why the writer has supported the particular perspective of the argument. Before writing the arguments in your paper, the writers examine the arguments on their own and argue amongst themselves in order to know why the people of the opposing views argue as they do. By arguing among themselves, the writers get more insight that will help them write supporting opposing views of argument explored in your essay paper. when making any presentation, or writing any essay, it is vital to think about whoever the presentation of essay is targeting who in this situation is the lecture from whom you need marks.

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Argumentative essay topics

Writing essays on argumentative essay topics is not a very easy thing to do for many people and this is why experts such as the ones in this company have come together so as to assist students that may be having challenges with their essays to come up with good and convincing argumentative essays. The complexity of essay topics arises from the fact that a successful paper of this kind has to not only give the required information, but it also has to support the given information and argue why the opposing view is weak or wrong. When the experts here write for you this kind of an essay, they ensure that they have taken a stand on the issue very early in the paper so that the reader also knows the direction that the essay will take very early in the essay. But before the experts begin any writing, they do a lot of brainstorming and collect as many points as possible that are either in favor or the argument or refute the argument.

After going so, the experts select a couple of strong points for both sides of the argument and discard the points that do not seem strong and those that cannot be supported by any academic sources. Given that most clients that request expert help here are students, most of the papers written are of scholarly nature and when writing scholarly paper, it is mandatory to support the points in the issue with material contained in scholarly sources. After introducing the topic, the experts write the thesis statement which also mentions the side of argument that is being supported.

The range of papers that we write comprises essays, research papers, book and film reviews, term papers, thesis statements, dissertations, cover letters, resumes and a lot of other types. Order any paper you need at OrderCustomPaper.

Buy an essay paper

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The range of papers that we write comprises essays, research papers, book and film reviews, term papers, thesis statements, dissertations, cover letters, resumes and a lot of other types. Order any paper you need at OrderCustomPaper.